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GHL Mitras HV-6200 LED 180W - Silver/White case, with UV/Hyperviolet, royal blue, blue, cool white, true green, yellow, red, hyperred.

GHL Mitras HV-6200 LED 180W - Silver/White case, with UV/Hyperviolet, royal blue, blue, cool white, true green, yellow, red, hyperred.
Brand: GHL
Product Code: PL-0995
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When do you bring the sun into your tank?

Compared to conventional illumination technology you save ca. 50% of energy costs.

Set the light spectrum (380 nm - 700 nm) and the light performance exactly according to your wishes and provide exactly the light for your fishes, plants or corals that they need!

All 8 LED-channels are separately dimmable in 3000 steps each. Besides the variable light spectrum, a high number of functions are feasible:

  • Sunrise ("East-to-West" resp."West-to-East" simulation over several lamps possible)
  • Cloud simulation (also "gliding" via several lamps)
  • Thunderstorm simulation
  • Moon phases
  • Rainy days

Special high-performance reflectors avoid divergence losses at the side and lead the light optimally into the depth of the tank.

Adjustment Type range color temperature 1.000 K - 24.000 K

Center color temperature 9.500 K

The GHL Mitras LX pending lamps can be operated as stand-alone device or depending on other Mitras-lamps or via ProfiLux aquarium controller with PAB-connection (3.1-series with adapter).

Via the built-in 2,4 GHz radio unit, several lamps can communicate witch each other or with a ProfiLux (extension card PLM-PWC necessary). The settings (e.g. light spectra, color mixture, dimming points) can be made comfortably with a PC or via the operating unit.

The graphic display shows you the current operating states in an overview. With the capacitive keys lighted from the back you can easily make settings or start special effects like e.g. a thunderstorm.

The homogeneous illumination is as important as a high light performance. An optimal illumination provide the six equally spread LED-cluster, the efficient cooling is achieved by four 4 silent temperature-controlled fans and passively by a high-quality and generously dimensioned aluminium heat sink in three color versions.

The efficient cooling is really important, since the light performance as well as the lifetime of LEDs depends very much on the environmental temperature. Permanently high operating temperatures damage the LEDs and reduce furthermore the light performance. That is why the high-power-LEDs of Mitras® LX series are intentionally not operated with the maximal possible current.

You can choose between two operating types: High-Output-Mode (maximal light performance) and High-Efficiency-Mode (good light performance at high efficiency).

If in spite of maximal cooling the temperature in the lamp continues to increase (e.g. due to increased environmental temperature), the brightness is slowly and continually decreased. The LEDs and the electronics, controlled by a microprocessor, are thus operated always under optimal conditions.

GHL Mitras LX are only suitable for open aquariums. This lamp is optimized for marinewater (medium - deep reef).

Suitable for:
Number of LED illuminant:
Color temperature in K:
Lenght in cm:
Width (from left to right) in cm:
Height (bottom to top) in cm:
Power consumption in W:
GHL Mitras LX 6200-HV [PL-0995] LED-pendant lamp silver,AUS
ItemID: gh-PL-0995
  12x Cree XP-E blue
12x Cree XT-E cool white
12x Cree XT-E royal blue
6x Cree XT-E neutral white
6x Osram Oslon SSL true green
6x Osram Oslon SSL skywhite
6x Osram Oslon SSL blue-white
6x Osram SSL hyperred
6x hyper violet 425 nm
  9500 K    
  dimmable with integral controls      
  34 cm      
  18 cm      
  4 cm      
  120 W - 190 W      

power supply unit
pendant kit



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